"X-Wing" von Jong Myung Lee, 5. Semester, Dipl. Studiengang Integriertes Design. Die Arbeit wurde von mir im Sommersemester 2006 / 07 betreut.


"Ritmo", 2007 Master Thesis by Marion Fröhlich of the MA-program "Digital Media". Ritmo is a thoroughly developed concept for a music player for runners, that synchronizes step frequency and the beat of the music. This is an excellent thesis report. Marion developed her own research methods to come up with essential behaviors of the software.
She went on to work for Vodafone as an interaction designer.

All Images: M. Fröhlich

Master Project: Visualizing Student Mobility

The "Master Project" takes place in the 2nd and 3rd semesters of the MA-program "Digital Media". The project "Data Visualization of Student Mobility" took place between 2009 and 2010. It was supervised by me, Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter and Dipl.-Inf. Angelina Lange. This Video and the following description was produced by one of the participating students, Hemant Sreekumar: I-I

"The video documents the final stage of a Prototype / Digital Sketch presented at the conclusion of a collective master project at the HfK Bremen in April 2010.
Socio Economic data from |EUROSTAT| is compared with mobility data of the participants of the |ERASMUS| student mobility programme .

- Each country taking part in the Erasmus project is given a unique identification color and is symbolized by a square ( initial view in relation to their real geographic correspondence ) .

- The square (countries) size can be altered from the upper right corners by selecting any 1 of the 3 parameters ( Size / Number of Incoming Students / Number of Outgoing Students ).

- The Vertical location of the countries can be controlled by the 4 parameters selectable from the upper left.

- The Horizontal Axis can denote a variety of socio economic data ( technical Phds, transportation infrastructure , women in research, R & D expenditure, patent applications etc. )

- The top center of the screen has a option to select the year whose sample data can be visualized.
This is an unfinished project and the idea was just to demonstrate a feasible principle which could be scaled onto touch-tables and mobile platforms.
Special thanks also to the technical support of Tobias Hildebrant, Pardis Alizadeh and Carola Lagos from Uni-Bremen for all the incredible data-mining work they did to make this work .

Please feel free to use these ideas and make something better, don't bother with the credits, we were trying to rip off Hans Rosling anyway : - ) "

I wouldn't call it a rip-off, but certainly Rosling was one of many important inspirations for us. If you haven't seen it, go there now: Gapminder (PvM)

Visualizing European Student Mobility from |-| on Vimeo.

Download the PDF for a full description of the project: